10 Dark British Comedy TV Shows That Must Be Seen

If you are easily offended or have a nervous disposition, a lot of these shows are probably not for you.

Us Brits are known for being able to push comedy into dark and surreal places. Many look all the way back to Monty Python's Flying Circus for inspiration as they certainly weren't averse to tackling touchy subject matter. These are the types of comedies that force us to laugh at situations that are usually off limits, somehow simultaneously making you cringe but also roll about laughing. It's important to find humour in dark topics or we'd be walking around miserable all the time, it's good to embrace cynicism occasionally. The very definition of a dark comedy is that it contains gloomy and disturbing elements and these shows certainly don't shy away from that. If you are easily offended or have a nervous disposition, a lot of these shows are probably not for you. With that in mind, I've trawled through many a show and brought together some of the best here for my top 10. I'll try to keep away from crucial plot points but beware minor SPOILERS.

10. Misfits

When an electrical storm gives a group of delinquent community service workers super powers, they must work together to reform and use them for the greater good. That's the general premise of Misfits however with such strong personalities; things were never going to be plain sailing. The initial group are given powers ranging from telepathy to invisibility and being ne'er-do-wells, they're quick to take advantage of them. It's a well constructed show featuring plenty of solid action and character development from the young adults. While they start off as self-serving and adversarial, they do realise the benefits of working together. There are of course barriers along the way and the show isn't afraid to delve into some pretty dark places to find its humour. It's like a coming of age comedy with super powers. The young cast do a great job with their roles and despite the numerous character flaws they must contest with, the majority of them are innately likeable. With a fifth and final season planned, it's a very successful show and certainly worth taking some time out to watch.
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