10 Devastating TV Show Moments That Came Out Of Nowhere

Where the f*ck did that come from?!


Who doesn’t love a good heart-wrenching twist? Sure, we tell ourselves that we want to be happy, that we want to be optimistic and view the world as a place full of cream teas and roses and baby’s first smiles. But in reality, we want to be crushed. If it wasn’t the case, shows like Game of Thrones wouldn’t be among the most viewed of all time, and instead the annual Emmys would be swept up by the Teletubbies year on year.

But they’re not. Because nice things are nice, but they're also boring. Some of the greatest television moments are the gut punches that hammer home the stakes. The moments that make you cry, or furious with rage at the injustice of it all. Sometimes they can be shocking, sometimes they can be brutal, sometimes they can just be heartbreakingly sad. In all cases, they stick with you.

And television, rather than movies, is where these moments really stand out. We spend comparatively so much longer in these fictional TV worlds than movies that a sudden calamitous turn can hit so much harder than in any other medium.

Grab a handful of tissues and a family sized bucket of ice-cream, it’s time to visit the most devastating moments TV has to offer.


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