10 Disturbing TV Show Storylines That Surprised Everyone

Unexpected TV show developments en-route to death, and former heroes shockingly breaking bad...

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A truly captivating and unforeseen storyline has the potential to lock in even the most pessimistic and cynical of small screen viewers and catapult a TV series into the spotlight for years to come.

Yet, the major obstacle most modern showrunners are tasked with overcoming these days is the fact that fans today have already been regularly exposed to some of the most shocking, unexpected, and downright disturbing storyline developments ever to trickle out of a creative's mind on a seemingly yearly basis.

And in the case of the following collection of unsettling plot lines found within some of the most stellar television you're ever likely to lay your eyes on, it's safe to say that just about nobody on planet earth saw the often harrowing turn of events that lay ahead for some of their most beloved TV personalities coming from the beginning.

From deeply upsetting demises that absolutely no one was truly ready for, to one-time heroic forces of good showing their true colours and leaving jaws dangling off the floor in the process, if the various networks and streaming services occupying the modern TV landscape can deliver even a fraction of the gasps and shocks these storylines did with their future projects, the small screen sphere is going to be just fine...


10. Walt Poisons Brock - Breaking Bad

Sopranos AJ

Landing on precisely what beat acted as the definite moment Breaking Bad's Walter White truly embraced his new life as Heisenberg isn't exactly a simple act; what with this being a guy who was seen letting someone choke on their vomit in their sleep and blackmailing Jesse into helping him get into the meth business in the first place.

However, even with those and many other acts being undoubtedly questionable and often cruel, they all pale in comparison to the chilling storyline that involved Walt attempting to poison an innocent child in a bid to get Jesse to believe Gustavo Fring was the one responsible for Brock's dance with death and win back his loyalty in the process.

By somehow sneaking the Lily of the Valley plant into the vicinity of the youngster, a poisonous plant that has similar symptoms to that of ricin, Walt was able to pull off one of the most diabolical feats of manipulation we'd seen on the show to date, catching just about everyone off-guard with the frankly sinister lengths he'd go to in order to keep his goal of defeating Gus alive.


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