10 Doctor Who Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed Everything

Imagine a Whoniverse where these scenes are canon...

Doctor Who The Satan Pit the Beast the Master
BBC Studios

It's no secret that TV shows like Doctor Who chop and change a lot between the scripting phase and the end result.

Scenes are altered, lines are cut, characters are completely rewritten. It's enough to drive anyone to procrastination. We don't know how people have the patience to produce television, but boy are we glad they do!

Doctor Who is no exception to this rule, and while some of these amendments are minor - the companion stands a centimetre to the left, there are seven Daleks in the scene instead of six, David Tennant appears, because he often does - some were so huge that they would've changed the course of the show.

These ten deleted scenes - many of which were removed during scripting - would've had drastic consequences on a single episode, a single series, or even the entire show. Some would've resurrected popular characters, introduced new ones, or completely changed the way we saw beloved ones.

And hey, this being Doctor Who, perhaps there's a reality out there where they actually did make the cut.

10. A Load Of Pants (The Shakespeare Code)

Doctor Who The Satan Pit the Beast the Master
BBC Studios

In this underrated Series 3 adventure involving Big Billy Shakespeare, witches, and a missing play, a subtle piece of comedy plays out.

Martha, who is head-over-heels for the Doctor, is left embarrassed when he obliviously offers to share a bed with her.

It's cringey enough as it is, but unfortunately for poor Miss Jones, this scene was nearly a lot worse.

The original version saw the Tenth Doctor strip down to his undies - no, really - before getting into bed. This makes the situation a million times more embarrassing for Martha, and for the audience watching at home. Thankfully, the scene was rewritten, because the creators deemed it inappropriate.

You don't say.

Ten already gets a ton of flack for his treatment of Martha, so imagine what the backlash would've been to him showing off his budgie smugglers right in front of her?

Considering the more sensitive world we live in today, what might've seemed like harmless comedy in 2007 could've seriously come back to bite the show in the... well, you know where. You almost saw it.

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