10 Dumbest Decisions Made By Supernatural Characters

Some decisions just can't be justified...

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For a show that went on as long as it did, we saw our favourite hunters, angels and demons make some pretty hard-hitting decisions in Supernatural, with many characters finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when deciding on the right thing to do. While these characters usually made the right choice (though we may judge them for it) there are some decisions that made us want to rage quit the show entirely.

Ultimately, no matter how bad of a decision was made, the Winchesters seemed to make things work for themselves, constantly saving people and hunting things. There are many decisions characters could’ve made differently that would have spared them a lot of heartache and pain. Unsurprisingly, it’s the stupid decisions made that caused the biggest domino effect for the characters and impacted them in ways that could’ve been entirely avoided if they just thought about it for a second.

From constant lying, to abandoning a brother, and almost causing the apocalypse more than once, here we look back at the ten dumbest decisions made by Supernatural characters.

10. Sam Trusting Ruby

Supernatural Sam Gun
The CW

Introduced in Season 3, Ruby was always a mysterious character that many fans and the Winchesters were hesitant to trust at first. As obvious as it is now, Ruby had been playing Sam from the very beginning, manipulating and gaining his trust, eventually starting an awkward sexual relationship with him.

Ruby never had Dean’s stamp of approval as, after all, she was a demon. Even when Sam promised Dean he would never drink Demon blood again, it was Ruby who egged him on trying to turn Sam against Dean in making him believe that Dean was just jealous that he doesn’t have powers of his own.

In the decisive moments of Season 4’s final episode, it is revealed that Ruby was playing Sam all along (surprise, surprise), working under Lilith's orders to release Lucifer from his cage and jumpstart the apocalypse. All throughout Season 4 she was manipulating Sam, pretending to be on his side and “helping” him gain strength and control of his powers so he could ultimately be the one who set Lucifer free.

However, it’s ironic that Ruby was killed by the two brothers with her own demon-killing knife she introduced to the brothers to gain their trust.

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