10 Epic TV Shows That Never Made It To Our Screens

Oh, what could have been...


Television is an unpredictable and merciless beast that requires two things in order to exist.

Investment and a strong narrative.

If a show is lacking in either of these departments, the chances are it isn't going to be around for too long.

Yet, sometimes we find ourselves with incredible concepts that fans are chomping at the bit to see, only to have these ideas squashed before they ever land on our screens.

Sometimes these shows are even filmed (multiple episodes in a few cases) yet these examples lie dormant in the lost world of Epic TV Shows.

Over the years, multiple shows have had pilots shot or had completed scripts in pre-production, only for the idea to lose steam due to a poor response from test audiences or the people pumping in the dollar.

It's a crying shame that some of these shows never got the chance to make it to us and - with a few tweaks - in another life, they definitely could have.

Just remember, we won't be getting a Game of Thrones prequel called Bloodmoon, but Keeping Up with the Kardashians will still be a thing.

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