10 Even Crazier Game Of Thrones Fan Theories

In the absence of truth, craziness will out.

Perhaps it's best to put the over-theorising that greets Game Of Thrones down to Westeros Withdrawal Syndrome and just accept that it's never going to go away. And who says that's a bad thing? There's already been some talk into some seriously absurd theories like Daenerys being a time-traveller, Varys being a merman and Ned Stark coming back from the dead, but in this absurd fantasy world, anything is possible really, so who's to say there isn€™t some truth to them? And the crazy doesn't end there. There are some theories out there that are so completely outlandish that really don't make any sense at all€ unless you're a fan of wearing tinfoil hats or you really delve so deep into the theory that even the silliest puzzle pieces start to fall together. The question is... are you ready for these? Inevitably, some book spoilers follow.

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