10 Exact Moments That Killed TV Shows

Bran the Broken was the last straw.

Game of Thrones Bran

At its best, the TV medium allows creators to tell deeper and more meaningful stories than would ever be possible in a mere two-hour movie.

The all-timer likes of The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Mad Men are all pitch perfect examples of the masterful dramatic heights TV can achieve on a long-form canvas.

But it also takes a phenomenal amount of effort to keep a multi-season TV series on track, because with so many different voices working in front of and behind the camera, it's incredibly easy for things to veer off the rails.

And while for many shows this results in a slow decline in quality - looking at you, The Simpsons - some shows are ultimately defined by a single moment which forever taints it thereafter.

You might call these moments "jumping the shark," in that each series was never the same again, delivering a death blow to their dramatic credibility and largely leaving fans exasperated for the remainder - however long that was.

If nothing else, these dramatic gaffes are proof perfect of just how challenging it is to not only create a hit show, but keep fans happy across years of content...

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