10 Famous TV Characters Who Randomly Changed Personalities

Which character arcs left you the most bemused?

One of the more insignificant characters to appear on British TV, Eastenders introduced Vicki Fowler a few years ago, Sharon's long-lost sister from the States. She had an appalling US accent, so she went on holiday, and came back British. The producers hoped that no one would notice. It was an unfortunate chapter for the show, and one that reaffirmed why soaps aren't considered with much respect. A good character arc is one of the most rewarding aspects of a television series; it's why Walter White is so revered worldwide, and it's the beauty of regeneration in Doctor Who; the gradual transformation of a character is one of the advantages of television over film, as it rewards consistent viewership, and gives us a journey to go on. Rather like the disastrous Vicki though, some characters though seem to change inexplicably overnight, without so much as a bump-to-the-head storyline. Often, there's no mention of an arc, no reference to their development, and no explanation of why a character's suddenly been bumped up a few IQ points, or decided to abandon their morals. Television evolves, we know that, but when shows make nonsensical changes to characters, just so that they can adapt, it can change the show for the worse. Let's take a look at ten big characters who went through random revolutions: which character arcs have left you bemused? Comment below!
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