10 Flop TV Shows That Made ONE Huge Mistake

9. No Nicolas Cage - National Treasure: Edge of History

Anthony Mackie Altered Carbon

A TV sequel to the much-loved Nicolas Cage-starring National Treasure movies could've been an easy hit for Disney if it simply gave fans the one they needed for the show to succeed: Nic freakin' Cage.

But Disney instead forged ahead with a soft reboot set within the same universe, focusing on a primarily new cast of characters, save for brief appearances from Justin Bartha and Harvey Keitel from the movies.

Between naff reviews and an almost non-existent amount of social media interest in the series, it surprised nobody when Disney cancelled it after a single season.

The reason for National Treasure's televisual failure? Say it loudly, and say it proudly: no Cage, no sale.

Given that Cage has been having quite the career renaissance in recent years, it's utterly baffling that the Mouse House didn't throw a fat payday his way for this, even if he only appeared in a supporting capacity for a few episodes.

But let's be honest, the real thing every National Treasure fan wants isn't a series - it's a new movie starring Cage. Make it happen already.


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