10 Fragile Star Trek Villains YOU Could Beat

Yes, even you could beat them.

Salt Vampire Star Trek

When Star Trek first aired in 1966, it helped shape the sci-fi genre and over the last 54 years countless fascinating heroes and villains have been born of the franchise. Great stories have great conflicts, and striking villains like the Borg are held up as examples of the strong writing of the show. There are countless examples of ground breaking strong antagonists... but equally there are examples of villains that languish in failure.

While, Star Trek is known for its daring conflicts and fierce antagonist, the franchise is also known for being campy and comedic - featuring villains who aren't much of a fight. Sometimes the antagonist are too dumb to be a real threat, have no defense against attack, or have a "kryptonite" that is readily available to the protagonists. Other times an episode clearly tried to portray a strong, compelling villain, but didn't think through some basic foil that should have made the antagonist easily handled by starfleet.

Let's look at some of those villains who were weak, incompetent, and easily bested in their plans - fragile villains that even you could confidently take on.

10. Space Hippies - TOS

Salt Vampire Star Trek

The Way to Eden (TOS) introduces us to some memorable antagonists fans call "space hippies" - for obvious reasons. These groovy, hate the man (or Herbert as they call anyone who's too authoritarian), youths are always ready jam out with their sci-fi chordophones. They are also trying to find their way to the mythic planet Eden, regardless of what they have to do to get there.

Recently beamed on to the Enterprise, the space hippies hardly seem worthy foes for Starfleet. Yet, they manage to exploit some massive security issues on the ship. Using a musical performance as a distraction, the space hippies strategically knock out some crewmen and use the intercom to blast an ultrasonic frequency until everyone's unconscious.

Any mortal means could easily take down the space hippies, and their leader, Dr. Sevrin, is the weakest of them all. He's trying to find Eden because artificial environments have caused him to carry a contagious bacterium and he's convinced nature can cure him. Spoiler: it can't. As Spock says, "Dr. Sevrin is... insane."

The planet of Eden kills Dr. Sevrin just as easily as you could: with poisoned food. Turns out all the lush nature of Eden is full of deadly acid.

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