10 Futurama Episodes Probably Made Out Of Spite

Those times Futurama said what we were all thinking...

Futurama A Taste Of Freedom

The adult sitcom industry has long since served as a vessel for people to voice their opinions on a number of issues. Be it political, environmental or social, it has probably been subtly commented on somehow with the use of comedy to soften the blow. Adult animation series such as Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad are known for subtle and sometimes not so subtle remarks or episodes about a number of issues.

Whether or not they are always just in what they say is up to the viewer to determine, but these shows certainly get their points across. Some of these episodes are created purely to shock the viewer, while others are there just to spite a certain someone or event that has occurred.

When it comes to Futurama, there are plenty of episodes where they touch on some sensitive topics or comment on real-life events. Often, these episodes are laughed off, but occasionally, the creators are slightly too daring with their creation, and the audience complains of lousy taste.

Still, Futurama has had seven successful seasons and is set to be returning in 2022. A lot has happened in the real world across the last 23 years, so there is more than enough content for the writers to use. For now, we’ll take a look at some of the episodes that were clearly made to spite their targets and vocalise what everyone else was thinking.

10. A Clockwork Origin (S6E9)

Futurama A Taste Of Freedom

This episode was taking a stab at creationists and was clearly inspired by a highly controversial campaign that had been going on at the time. The campaign was run by Kirk Cameron and consisted of him inserting creationist ideals into pamphlets about evolution and handing them out on university campuses in America.

In the episode, robot scientist Dr Widnar is supposed to represent Darwin and the Flying Spaghetti Monster references the emergence of Pastafarianism. Pastafarianism is a satirical movement that promotes the teaching of religion in a more light-hearted manner in schools and was quite popular at the time. After getting into an argument with protestors, Farnsworth flees with Planet Express to another planet and begins a new life force.

The episode concludes with the message that anyone could be right about anything, we simply don't know. If anything, viewers are left more educated about certain beliefs and matters in the world. But just like any Futurama episode, there is plenty of mockery going on so you cant help but feel that they’re being a tad spiteful.

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