10 Game Of Thrones Warriors Who Could Defeat The Mountain

10 warriors who could do what Oberyn couldn’t and conquer The Mountain.


Styles make match-ups, or so the fight game tells us. And no clash in Game of Thrones has reaffirmed this more than the epic trial by combat between Oberyn Martell and Gregor Glegane. The Mountain v The Viper is easily one of the most enthralling fights in the entire series thus far, pitting the incredible power of Clegane against the speed and skill of Oberyn.

Ultimately, The Mountain managed to get those two gigantic hands around his head and, in a literally mind blowing moment, crushed the Red Viper€™s head. But, he'd certainly be dead (like, properly dead) had the Dornish Prince not foolishly demanded that he confess to the rape and murder of his sister.

So, is any warrior who has ever walked the Seven Kingdoms even capable of succeeding where he failed? We certainly think so (and for argument's sake, we're saying he CAN actually be killed, even if he is now a zombie).

Oberyn came so close but was undone by his unerring pursuit of justice. However, there are others who we believe could have succeeded where he failed. Here are the 10 warriors of Game of Thrones who could do what Oberyn couldn'€™t, and truly conquer The Mountain.


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