10 Great Contributions To Humanity By Star Trek Actors

Beyond the decks of the Enterprise many of the cast have made their own impact on Planet Earth.

James Doohan Scotty Star Trek Generations
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Saving the galaxy one more time might be something that comes almost second nature if you're part of the Star Trek franchise. For many of the actors involved it's not the only thing that they've given to the world since 1964.

This is not just about world altering events or how Star Trek saved the universe, named a shuttle or influenced a generation but in some instances it's a much more personal journey that may well have affected just one life among millions but was just as significant nonetheless.

Nor is it purely about public events or stories that attracted great media interest but ways in which actors from the franchise have carved out a little bit of the galaxy and maybe made it that little bit better.

Neither is this limited to just the main cast of the shows through the ages since there have been recurring and guest actors who have provided just as important a contribution as those named in the main titles.

Whether saving a life, protecting others or standing firm for a cause, there are many that didn't make the cut but that should not take away from the work that those linked to the franchise do behind the scenes. Indeed, these are only a handful of the endeavours of those who have played a part in the ongoing Star Trek.

10. James Cromwell

James Doohan Scotty Star Trek Generations
Paramount Pictures

Multi-character guest actor James Cromwell has appeared behind many guises within the Star Trek franchise with his most notable being that of warp drive pioneer Zephram (Zefram) Cochrane.

Cromwell's own experiences of the prejudices in the deep south of the US, and the push back from the black community, were the initial sparks that led to his activism. Initially, it was more linked to the civil rights movement of the 1960s however over the decades it would expand into other equally prolific areas.

A staunch animal activist, Cromwell became vegan while filming his role as Farmer Hoggett in Babe and has been arrested on several occasions for protests in support of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) including notably regarding the treatment of the orca whales at Seaworld.

Cromwell's presence isn't limited to PETA, however, with him protesting against energy companies including one incident where both he and fellow Trek alumni J G Hertzler were arrested and taken to jail.

Indeed, PETA would go on to name him their Person of the Year 2022 which might have been cemented thanks to the actor supergluing himself to the counter of a Starbucks in protest over surcharges on plant-based milk.

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