10 Great Horror TV Shows You Can Binge-Watch In One Sitting

9. Twin Peaks

In 1990, a mystery-horror drama called Twin Peaks was a smash hit and the stuff of watercooler fodder. Not only did it garner interest from general audiences, but it was also critically acclaimed with 18 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe Award. Even TV Guide referred to the pilot as the 25th best episode ever made.

Unfortunately, Twin Peaks dropped the ball a bit going into the second season. Fans initially fell in love with the Laura Palmer murder mystery, but her death was resolved just halfway into the second season.

Although the storytelling going forward wasn't dreadful, it left many wondering if the writers were merely filling in the gaps. Around 1991, Twin Peaks also had its timeslot changed multiple times, which didn't help with the declining ratings. All of this led to one of the most popular horror TV shows quickly becoming one of the least-watched.

However, the odd creative choices during the second half of the second season aren't quite enough to disqualify Twin Peaks. It's still a riveting and suspenseful tale from start to finish. Had Twin Peaks decided to keep the focus on Laura Palmer, it would have been nearly impossible to watch the entire series in one sitting with all the countless episodes that would have ensued. Perhaps the fact that there are only two seasons is really a blessing in disguise, considering the limited amount of downtime the lot of us have.


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