10 Great TV Shows That Are Ugly On Purpose

9. In The Flesh

Channel Zero

Zombies are ugly by nature. Seeing a walking corpse is never going to be a delightful experience, and that's something any show which tackles them needs to understand. With that in mind, this underrated BBC horror/drama went in a fascinating direction.

In The Flesh shows as the undead are integrated back into everyday life following a zombie uprising. Other projects have dealt with the idea of humanising zombies before (Warm Bodies and Life After Beth for example), but none of them have felt as thoughtful as this one. The series is high in concept and ambition, yet, it's a surprisingly sombre and monotone experience.

One of the reasons for this show's unique vibe is that it's presented with a bland muteness that makes the wild concept seem strangely ordinary. There's a distinct lack of colour, making the show look grey and cold, much like the northern village setting - and the zombies, of course. While that can lead to it looking dull, that's the exact purpose, as it normalises the undead in a way that makes them feel strangely believable.

This visual ugliness and bland cinematography make it an unexciting visual treat but capture the perfect vibe of a walking corpse of a show - meaning that in the best way possible.

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