10 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time

There’s great power in a great intro.

TV Tokyo

A great intro gets a show off to a great start, a key fact taken very seriously in the imaginative world of anime. While the effort is almost always there, not all openings are created at the same level. The less than stellar ones are highly skippable, a nuisance to fast forward to get to the show. The best ones, however, demand your attention, endlessly rewatchable as you continue to spot new details and appreciate the excellent music selection.

There are other shows, typically the longer running epics out there, that seemingly change up their openings every couple of episodes. While they freshen up several elements, they often stick to certain tropes and concepts enough they wind up recycling earlier ideas. Many of us will have noticed the most common of anime opening tropes: characters running for unspecified reasons and of course flocks of birds cropping up here and there. While entertaining, the overuse of such imagery allows the more creative, more impressive openings out there to rise to the surface. With the latter in mind, here are anime’s 10 greatest openings.
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