10 Hidden Details In Gravity Falls You May Have Missed

Codes, Symbolism, Messages, Foreshadowing - what DIDN'T this show have?

Gravity Falls Code

Gravity Falls has become one of the greatest animated shows of the modern era. At a span of forty episodes, creator Alex Hirsch came with a clear-cut narrative and kept it concise and to the point. Whilst many of us craved more episodes after Gravity Falls ended, the series truly finished at the perfect time, leaving us with one of the best mystery stories ever told through cartoon form.

And another reason why Gravity Falls stands out is because it’s a genuinely smart, well-crafted show, rather than just a generic Saturday morning cartoon. It is abundant with secret codes, messages, riddles and cryptograms which are all used to hint at certain plot twists or events that will happen later in the series. The show also knows how to produce pop culture references without being too obvious or on the nose about it.

Even if you don’t engage critically with it, it’s just a thrilling show, filled with brilliant characters, sharp comedy, a great sense of adventure, all whilst being beautifully animated. This article is here to help you decipher what all the codes and messages of Gravity Falls truly mean.

10. Hidden Celebrity Cameos

Gravity Falls Code

There are certain celebrities who have lent their voice to Gravity Falls and it may have gone unnoticed because you can't put the name to face. The obvious examples are Larry King and Coolio who play their own waxed figures.

In the episode Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons, Weird Al Yankovic provides the voice of the adversary Probabilitor the Annoying. Star Wars alumni Mark Hamill portrays the mysterious old man, amongst various other characters. Brooklyn Nine Nine's Chelsea Peretti plays Darlene - a spider who can disguise herself as an attractive woman in order to lure in men.

And additionally, Lance Bass, member of real-life boy band N*SYNC, lends his voice to the fictional boy band Sev'ral Timez. This is a little in-joke because Sev'ral Timez are a parody of the boy band culture rampant during the 1990s.


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