10 Horror TV Moments That Genuinely Got Under Your Skin

Sookie A few weeks ago I shared with you a few horror movie facts that would blow your mind. This time around we are going to focus on the small-screen. We are going to look at some creepy moments from horror based television shows. These shows range from sitcoms, late night cable shows and even a kids show. Before we begin, I should let you know that all these entries made the list for very different reasons. Some were genuinely terrifying, others were just silly or dumb; but for whatever the reason check out 10 Horror TV Moments That Genuinely Got Under Your Skin. If I forget your favorite horror show or favorite scene from a show I mention please feel free to let me know in the comments section. SPOILER ALERT FOR CERTAIN ENTRIES

10. Guy Gets Turned Into A Jack-In-The-Box - The Twilight Zone

Jack-In-The-BoxSeason 3, Episode 8 It's a Good Life (November 3, 1961) In my humble opinion kids are creepy at times. They really are capable of just about anything, you can be walking with you nephew in K-mart and next thing you know he€™s in the house wares department cracking open a pack of knives and causing havoc. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit but you get the point. In this classic episode of Twilight Zone we are introduced to a kid with extreme Professor X like mental powers living on a farm. He keeps his family in check and makes them serve his every ridiculous child request. The kid is a mind reader and so everybody around him must think happy thoughts at all times. The kid is a menace and eventually one of the town members breaks down and calls the child out on his behavior. The child turns the man into a horrific jack-in-the-box. and also starts to make it snow, a move that will kill most of the towns crops. The Treehouse of Horror parody on The Simpsons also helped to making this TZ episode so memorable, with Bart being the mind reading kid and Homer getting turned into the jack-in-the-box

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