10 Hyped TV Moments That Never Happened

These much anticipated TV moments just... never happened.

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The big advantage that TV has over film is the ability to invest audiences much more deeply in its story and characters over the course of potentially hundreds of episodes.

The flip-side of this is that it will also invite fans to have certain firmly held expectations about where things will end up, and so if those expectations aren't met, disappointment is inevitable.

Sometimes fandoms will hype up a moment they're absolutely convinced will happen, only to be left crestfallen when the show wraps up without it ever actually taking place.

Maybe fans got a little too overzealous and hyper-invested in an idea the creative team had long since moved away from, or for reasons beyond the showrunners' control, it just couldn't come to fruition.

And so, inspired by this recent Reddit thread on the very subject, here are 10 hugely hyped TV moments that never ended up happening.

From widely-teased cameos that would've brought the damn house down, to iconic source material scenes fans understandably expected to see, these slam-dunk fan service moments all ended up never coming together, leaving fans to ponder what might've been...

10. Bruce Willis' Cameo - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Office Toby

Even the most casual Brooklyn Nine-Nine viewer will know that protagonist Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is the world's biggest fan of the Die Hard franchise, enough that he even ended up naming his son "McClane" in honour of the series' protagonist John McClane, played of course by Bruce Willis.

For years, fans campaigned for Willis to have a cameo on the show which would see him cross paths with Jake, and given Willis' willingness to send-up his most iconic character - even playing a Lego version of him in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - it seemed like it might actually happen.

Though creator Dan Goor did indeed attempt to get Willis on the show, it sadly never came to pass by the time Brooklyn wrapped up its eight-season run in 2021, possibly due to Willis' declining health in recent years. 

All the same, once the show concluded, Goor revealed a favoured idea for Willis' cameo - for the A-lister to make a visit to the precinct while the entire Nine-Nine is out on a case, meaning Jake hilariously misses out on meeting his hero.

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