10 Iconic Animated Series To Stream On Disney+

With Disney+ beginning its roll out, there are decisions to be made about where to start streaming.

Gargoyles Series

Calling Disney+ a game changer in the world of streaming is potentially the understatement of the decade. In addition to years and years of their own content, the new service has offerings from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. Many of the TV shows and movies hit fans in the nostalgia center of their brains so hard that some of them are probably still drooling at the menu, trying to decide where to start.

While much of the conversation has been devoted to movies and the new content being produced for Disney+. it also also has an impressive selection of classic TV series. These are the kind of shows that the people who are signing up for the service watched when they were younger and are looking forward to watching with their kids. Or just because they want to.

If you live in one of the regions where Disney+ is out, happy watching. If not, then you have plenty of time to plan your viewing schedule out.

10. Goof Troop

Gargoyles Series

Disney loves to take existing characters and find new ways to re-purpose them, a prime example being Goof Troop. The series took one of their top five classic characters, Goofy, and modernized him.

The series is about Goofy as a single father trying to start a new life with his young son, Max. They move in beside Pete, another classic Disney character, and his family. But while the scenery has changed, Goofy is still the same scatterbrained klutz he always has been. As such, hijinks and hilarity ensue.

Goof Troop was a genuinely funny and endearing series that breathed new life into Goofy as a character. The series even spawned a couple of films, including A Goofy Movie which is also available on Disney+.


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