10 Infuriating TV Cliffhangers You Didn't Realise Had Answers

These devastating cliffhangers were eventually resolved - one way or another.

Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen

Nothing pisses people off quite like a cliffhanger ending, especially where TV is concerned, where fans have spent potentially years and years investing themselves emotionally in a show, only for it to go off the air without any sort of concrete conclusion.

It's obviously standard for seasons of TV to end with a tantalising hook for the next batch of episodes, but when shows are cancelled - whether suddenly or otherwise - it leaves fans understandably mad-as-hell that they won't get to see how everything was intended to come together.

But it's not always a total loss, given that many showrunners and writers have later gone on the record to reveal what was originally supposed to come next.

After waiting a healthy amount of time to ensure their show wasn't miraculously revived at another network, these creatives all decided to drop the veil and put fans out of their misery by giving them the low-down on how these cliffhangers would've been addressed next season.

All the same, it's a damn shame we'll never get to see each of them play out for real, but such is the wildly unpredictable world of TV...

10. Earl Jr.'s Father Is A Random Celebrity & Earl Never Finishes His List - My Name Is Earl

Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen

My Name Is Earl's cancellation after its fourth season is especially cruel given that NBC had provisionally already teed the series up for another go-around, before unexpectedly pulling the plug.

Plus, season four ended on a massive cliffhanger, with the revelation that Darnell (Eddie Steeples) isn't the father of Earl Jr. (Trey Carlisle), suggesting that his wife Joy (Jaime Pressly) had another affair.

Oh, and Earl (Jason Lee) never finished atoning for his list of wrongs, so there's that.

Creator Greg Garcia did at least reveal the intended direction for the fifth and final season in a 2013 Reddit AMA.

Though the writers hadn't yet settled on the precise identity of Earl Jr.'s biological father, they planned for it to be someone famous like Dave Chappelle or Lil Jon.

And the kicker about Earl not completing his list? Garcia was actually going to end the show without Earl finishing it anyway. Instead, he'd get stuck on a particularly tough item on the list, before running into someone who'd made their own list with Earl's name on.

Basically, Earl's choice to make a list unknowingly kickstarted a chain reaction of other people creating their own atonement lists, making Earl realise that he's brought some good into the world, at which point he tears up his list and moves on with his life.

Honestly, that sounds like a fantastically fitting end to the show, and it's a damn shame we never got to see it play out.


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