10 Interesting Things The Big Bang Theory Taught Us About Science

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4. The Science Of Falling In Love

Bbbbt In Season 2 Episode 9, titled The White Asparagus Triangulation, Sheldon explains to Leonard how love really works. The plot revolves around Sheldon attempting to keep Leonard with then-girlfriend Dr. Stephanie Barnett as he fears Leonard will wreck the relationship without his help. One of Sheldon's many ideas involves having Leonard display his masculinity and therefore dominance as the alpha male to impress Stephanie. As with anything and everything, Sheldon's thinking actually runs much deeper. His attempt to display Leonard as the alpha male serves not to merely impress Dr. Stephanie but to incite the release of oxytocin - a hormone that acts as a neuromodulator. With the addition of intercourse the hormones would continue flowing which would then create the biochemical reaction known as "falling in love." Oxytocin is known as the "bonding" hormone due to the role it plays in forming relationships. This ties it directly to coupling sexually active individuals.


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