10 Magical Game Of Thrones Details Explained With Science

The science of why winter is coming.

It's nearly that time again. The time when our Sunday nights become riddled with excitement, tension and, inevitably, total disbelieving horror.

Of course, one of the major draws of Game of Thrones is its mysterious, magical side but, as science nerds, who can resist putting some of it to test in the real world?

After all, despite being riddled with fiery dragons, grumpy ice zombies and diabolic shadow babies, the world of Game of Thrones still seems to obey a lot of the laws of nature. These people are human shaped, gravity is a thing and most physical laws seem to tick along quite nicely.

Plus, of course, we want to know whether we could actually ever own a dragon. So, could you crush a man's skull with your bare hands? What are the White Walkers really up to? And just how shallow is that Lannister gene pool getting?

As well as all of this, we can also attempt to get the the bottom of why winter is coming (and it might not be what you think).

Oh and, spoilers. Obviously.


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