10 Male Leads That Made Their TV Show A Hit

These guys really stole the show..

Dexter Anthony michael hall

There are a number of things that can make a show great. Direction, writing, casting, and acting, are a few. Over the years great actors and directors have moved into the TV industry, and many have created wonderful series and characters that keep us happy and entertained today.

While famous actors can provide some reassurance, you never know when a lesser-known actor or a performer who usually plays completely different roles, will come in, capture his or her role perfectly, and instantly make the show a success.

It can go either way. Well-known actors can undertake a project and deliver below expectations, looking at you True Detective season 2. Or, the opposite can happen, and actors you’d never expect to perform the role they are given well, ace it!

A captivating main character can make or break a show. Even if the supporting cast rocks, the writing is on point, and the director is awesome, the main character is the one we most associate with. There have been some actors in recent years who have truly blown fans away, and brought their shows a whole lot of fame and popularity.

Here’s our top 10...

10. Omar Little - The Wire

Dexter Anthony michael hall

Through Michael K. William’s portrayal, Omar Little became a modern day Robin Hood on the streets of Baltimore, completely different to the other thugs populating the streets. Omar is known for his strict moral code, refusing to harm innocents and use profanity.

With his terrifying whistle and amazing shotgun wielding skills, Little is a terrifying stick-up man who people run from when he’s in sight. His tender, kind nature however, is played admirably and breaks the typical notion of what a street criminal should act like.

While The Wire seen an increase in popularity after the show had run its course, the show is loved to this day as is Omar Little, and the catchphrase to alert thugs of his arrival- “Omar comin!”

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