10 MCU Characters Who Should Return In TV Show Supporting Roles

Darcy and Agent Woo could be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to returning MCU characters!

Ant Man And The Wasp Luis Michael Pena Truth Serum
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With WandaVision being a huge hit and re-introducing characters such as Darcy Lewis, Agent Woo and Monica Rambeau, it makes you wonder what other characters could end up re-appearing in other Marvel Disney+ Shows. It really does seem like Kevin Feige is trying to make the MCU feel as connected as ever, so it wouldn't be surprising if we did see more characters start to pop up again.

It's a great idea from Feige, allowing talented actors who didn't get cast as main heroes an opportunity to return and develop their characters further, something that you sometimes can't do with the films. Already Darcy and Agent Woo are being celebrated in their return, despite Darcy being disliked by some of the fandom after Thor: The Dark World and Agent Woo appearing in the middling Ant-Man and The Wasp.

But with twenty one different films to choose from, who's most likely to reappear? And what shows does it make sense for them to crop up in? Well here are some characters who definitely stand out and would be welcomed back with open arms from the fans.

10. Harley Keener - Iron Heart

Ant Man And The Wasp Luis Michael Pena Truth Serum
Marvel Studios

Iron Heart is set to introduce Riri Williams to the MCU, an engineering student who ends up creating her own iron suit and naming herself Ironheart with Tony Stark's blessing. How this origin will be handled in the show is still unknown, with the landscape of the universe being vastly different than that in the comics. With War Machine getting his own show in Armor Wars, it makes you wonder who else from the Iron Man mythos could appear.

Harley Keener is the young boy who assists Tony during the middle act of Iron Man 3 and then later returned for a brief cameo in Endgame, being present at Tony's funeral. Being a bit of an inventor himself and also being familiar with the Iron Man technology means that it wouldn't be an impossible task for the writers to work Harley into Riri's story.

Finding a way to incorporate Harley would give Ironheart a nice and unique connection to the Iron Man mythos while also giving Ty Simpkins another opportunity to explore the character of Harley and how he may have evolved over the past eight years.

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