10 Milestone Star Trek Novels

Star Trek 1 Novel 2013 may have been the year of the Time-Lord, but Star Trek isn't far behind and will soon celebrate its own 50th anniversary. First broadcast in 1966 (although the initial pilot was produced in '65), as with any long-running science fiction franchise worth its salt, it is backed up by a high quality range of tie-in written fiction. Back in the days before downloads, DVD recorders or even VCRs, fans had two ways of reliving the television adventures. Either plant a tape recorder squarely at the TV speaker for the episodes' duration, or read James Blish's novelisations cover to cover. These written accounts soon gave rise to original adventures that, over the years, have taken twist and turn and today consist of an altogether different form. Whilst some could almost be described as a mere gimmick (X-Men crossover, anyone?), along the way there have been a number of novels that have stood out amongst the countless others for the best of reasons. The history of Star Trek novels is almost as long as the history of the TV series itself and here is just a brief snippet, pinpointing the ten(ish) novels that would go on to become defining moments of the past five decades...
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