10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Mad Men

Mad Men casting secrets, unexpected actor backstories and more mind-blowing facts.

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Mad Men will go down in history as one of the best television series to ever exist. Mathew Weiner can spend the rest of his life smug because nothing like that show will ever happen again. It's vast array of multi dimensional characters, complex storylines and historical accuracy kept audiences glued to their screens for almost 8 years!

If you haven't seen Mad Men then you've heard about Mad Men and if you HAVE seen it, you know how incredible and ground-breaking the show is. There were so many moving parts to the show, and the behind the scenes happenings were sometimes even more fascinating than the scripted plot points!

And although it has been 6 years since the finale aired, the renaissance of Mad Men is in full swing with its recent upload to streaming sites. Once again people are huddling over their computer screens, evoking forgotten conversations about who Don should have been with and who was really the best copy writer at the company. As well as searching around for their fix on behind the scenes secrets and fun facts.

Well, search no more, this list compiles the random, the mind-blowing and the "oh that actually makes complete sense!"

10. The Pilot Episode Was The Only One Actually Filmed In New York

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Mad Men is famous for many things, one of them being its setting and how it gave us an unflinching view into 1960s New York. Usually when a TV series is set in New York, we watch as the characters galavant around the city like its the set for a whimsical fairy-tale. But ever the realistic show, through the eyes of Don Draper we got to see some of the real, dark and dirty sides to the city that never sleeps. We watched as the toxic smog of 1966 forced the Drapers to lock themselves in their apartment, and we saw Don and the kids drive through the city as the riots after Martin Luther King Jr's assassination wrecked the country. A stand out scene that really emphasised this would have to be when politician's wife Betty, in her best outfit, searched for her daughter's friend in the slums of New York.

For all of its poignant realism, the show was actually pulling the wool over our eyes the whole time! As we watched our favourite characters navigate the unyielding city, we truly believed the cobbled streets they walked belonged to Manhattan. That was not the case, in fact the only episode that truly was filmed in New York was the pilot. The rest of the episodes were filmed in Los Angeles.

Can you believe when the actors were wrapped up in layers to fight the hard winters of New York, they must have been sweating head to toe from the suffering LA heat.

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