10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About The Spectacular Spider-Man Cartoon

6. The Team Never Planned To Kill Gwen Stacy Off

Venom Spider-Man Spectacular Spider-Man
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Gwen Stacy's death is one of the most shocking and most important events in Spider-Man's life. While it was Uncle Ben's death that taught Peter that with great power comes great responsibility, Gwen's demise showed him that even the great powers he'd obtained didn't mean he could save everyone.

But it's also a pretty dark scene, involving a pretty brutal neck snapping. As such, fans speculated en masse as to how the show would kill Gwen off, as it seemed impossible that they'd use the comic event, given how violent and gruesome it was.

This disturbed the team, who would later reveal their darkest secret: they never intended for Gwen to die. Even though the series was cancelled early, there were no later plans to have her murdered, because it was felt this didn't match with the generally light tone of the cartoon.

Greg Weisman would express how strange he found the idea that fans felt Gwen had to die was, because the show had always intended to be child-friendly - which put the idea of such a traumatic death safely off the cards.


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