10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About The Spectacular Spider-Man Cartoon

4. The Stan Lee Cameo

Venom Spider-Man Spectacular Spider-Man
Sony Pictures Television

Having Stan Lee cameo in anything to do with Marvel is the hallmark that it's probably going to be great. This is why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is littered with appearances of the patron saint of selling comics - because he's long been a good luck charm for the industry.

Spectacular Spider-Man clearly also wanted that luck, because the man himself also pops into the series for a cheeky hello.

In the first episode of the show's second season, we're treated to a version of Stan Lee who works on the docks. He looks exactly like Lee, and is provided with plenty of funny quips and wonderfully strange dialogue to warrant calling this one of his best cameos in anything to date.

Better yet, Dock-Lee is accosted by Mysterio, and yet treats the supervillain with skeptic disbelief - which is made infinitely funnier by the knowledge that this is one of Marvel's forefather's being cast as the guy who thinks Mysterio's appearance is a prank.

Also, this cameo provides us with Stan saying the phrase "are we being punked?" which is literally solid gold.


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