10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About The Teen Titans Cartoon

6. Raven Was So Popular In The Series, DC Resurrected Her In The Comics

Teen Titans Raven
Warner Bros. Animation

Each member of the Teen Titans developed their own cult following by the time the series ended, but arguably the most popular was Raven. What fans may not realise, though, is that Raven was actually dead in the comics by the time the cartoon started airing; it was the series that brought her back into mainstream DC (comics) continuity.

Encouraged by the popularity of the Teen Titans cartoon, DC relaunched the book in 2003 with writer Geoff Johns handling scripting duties.

The most sizeable influence the show exerted on the comics was the reintroduction of Raven, but it also changed the character of Garfield Logan too. He was originally called Beast Boy in the comics, but had adopted the name of 'Changeling' until the 2003 series surfaced and he switched back.

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