10 Mind-Blowing QI Theories Stephen Fry Taught Us (Which Are Total Cr*p)

Stephen Fry Since 2003, Stephen Fry and QI have been blinding us with science (and other assorted topics). It's since become a BBC staple, garnering lots of fans in the states (including yours truly) and producing its own Swedish spinoff, Intresseklubben. But if you watch it for long enough and a funny thing happens: you start to notice that sometimes the elves get things wrong. It's a truly traumatic realisation, like discovering the truth about Santa Claus all over again. To their credit, the elves and other fact-checkers are very open about this. A short cruise through the official forum and website will make that much obvious. One of the episodes in the K series even touched on this by mentioning "fact decay" and admitting some of their facts have since been discovered to be wrong, or are no longer true and plus, we all remember the incident with Dara “ Briain and the triple point of water! In the spirit of the show, and out of my own burning curiosity, I've compiled a list of QI goof-ups. Here are ten of them, ranging from the pedantic and nit-picky to the downright egregious...

After obtaining a BA in Philosophy and Creative Writing, Katherine spent two years and change teaching English in South Korea. Now she lives in Sweden and edits articles for Turkish science journals. When she isn't writing, editing, or working on her NaNo novel, Katherine enjoys video games, movies, and British television.