10 More Best Movie Characters Who Only Appear In ONE Scene

These characters left a huge impression in just one scene.

Constantine Peter Stormare
Warner Bros.

Generally speaking, the most memorable movie characters are those who the audience gets to spend a ton of time with, learning who they are over the course of numerous scenes throughout a film.

But that's not always true, and sometimes a character can become notable and unforgettable in just a single scene numbering a few mere minutes of screen time.

It goes without saying that delivering a show-stealing character who appears for just one scene is extremely difficult, requiring a fortuitous confluence of A+ writing, direction, and acting, but when it happens the results are nothing short of mesmerising.

And so, following up our first article on the subject, here are 10 more incredible movie characters who were rendered iconic in just a single sequence.

From brilliantly understated showdowns to gloriously poetic monologues, hilarious bouts of comedy, and everything in-between, these characters were perfectly formed within as little as a single minute.

In one case, it even netted the actor involved an Oscar nomination, proving how brevity can be the soul of wit, and that you don't need to appear in a dozen separate scenes to make a major impression with viewers...

10. Sapper Morton - Blade Runner 2049

Constantine Peter Stormare
Warner Bros.

As much as we all love Dave Bautista's performance as Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his short-but-sweet turn in the opening moments of Blade Runner 2049 was the first major indication of his transfixing dramatic chops.

Bautista appears in a single five-minute scene as Sapper Morton, a Nexus-8 replicant who is now living a low-key life as a protein farmer and has been targeted for "retirement" by replicant Blade Runner K (Ryan Gosling).

The brilliantly suspenseful sequence sees K arrive on Morton's farm with the intent of bringing him in, one way or another.

Knowing his number is up, a visibly unsettled Morton eventually initiates a fight with K, using his sheer brute strength to overpower him, until K is able to mount a comeback and shoot him dead.

Though a short film, "Nowhere to Run," was released to flesh out Morton's character, even in his few minutes of screen time in the movie proper, he perfectly conveys the fear felt by older replicant models being hunted down.

Moreover, he's far more than the blunt object you might expect - a thoughtful, melancholic character clearly wearing a massive weight on his giant back from a brutal past.

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