10 Most Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Friends

The writers must have been "on a break" for these ones.

Friends Chandler Rachel Kiss

If you walked up to someone on the street and asked, "have you heard of the show Friends?" you'll end up with one of two answers. The first would be "who the hell are you? Leave me alone" and the second, "of course I have. It's an absolute classic".

Friends is an entire entertainment staple in itself. While other sitcoms found huge success before it, none of them managed to create a legacy quite like this NBC hit. It's popular even today, with fans, critics, and avid TV watchers still obsessing over its niche details and trivia. However, while that kind of attention is a blessing, it's also a curse.

The fans of this show have a keen eye for detail, which has left the iconic series in a bit of a pickle at times. It's almost impossible for a show to run for ten seasons and not make some mistakes here and there, and eagle-eyed viewers have picked up on some particularly aggravating ones.

It's easy to place Friends on the Mount Rushmore of comedy TV. But that doesn't mean it's free from annoying plot holes and goofs.

10. Monica's Apartment Changing Numbers

Friends Chandler Rachel Kiss

It's the little details in Friends that keep fans feeling close to it, like noticing a character's unique wardrobe or spotting things in their homes. That's what makes this mistake so frustrating, as it's right there for all to see.

During the first season, the writers noticed that it made no sense for Monica's apartment to be number 5, seeing as she's on an upper-level floor and doesn't have the kind of money to reserve a whole block to herself. Thus, her number was changed from 5 to 20. Chandler and Joey's was also moved from 4 to 19.

Was this change ever addressed on the show? Of course not. The writers simply replaced the number and went on their merry way without ever bringing it up in dialogue.

Ironically, the high-rise apartment being such a low number would have probably been on this list had it not been changed, so it was a fair enough decision to make. But damn, did they really expect viewers not to notice and just accept it as if nothing happened? This is New York, not the halls of Hogwarts; buildings don't just change all willy nilly.

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