10 Most Annoying TV Plot Holes Ever

Miraculous facial hair growing, inconsistent origin stories, and more infuriating TV plot holes.

Heroes Claire

As a successful television show continues to grow over the course of its life on the small screen, characters and their compelling histories become increasingly more fleshed out, and this in turn often leads to fans finding themselves with no choice but to become heavily invested in their fictional journeys.

And while finding yourself a devoted fanbase is all well and good, and paramount in ensuring your series doesn't end up on the scrap heap not long after inception, with a die-hard audience of viewers comes a greater chance of being exposed should certain inconsistencies and oddities start to spring up along the way.

Of course, it's important to note that sometimes plans do change for a variety of justifiable reasons. However, in the case of the following entries, the lack of continuity or foresight on show at certain points was enough to leave fans frustratingly screaming abuse at their televisions.

From best bud origin stories being completely switched up on the fly, to massive logic gaps in some of the biggest shows ever to grace a screen, these infuriating plot holes left a bitter taste in even the most passionate fan's mouth.

10. Phoebe's Dad Ran Out On Her Before She Was Born, But Somehow Sang Her Lullabies - Friends

Heroes Claire

The character of Phoebe Buffay didn't have what you'd class as the most idyllic upbringing. On top of her step-father going to prison and her mother committing suicide when she was young, the eccentric member of everyone's favourite friendship group was abandoned by her father before she was even born. Or at least that's what we were told early into Friends' run on NBC.

However, by the time we get to Season Five, Phoebe comes face to face with her biological father and things get a little confusing. Frank Buffay Sr. explains to Phoebe that he was a terrible father. He burned baby formula, couldn't put their nappies on right, and would often make them cry when singing his rather familiar made-up lullaby - Sleepy Girl.

All this points to a father who was most definitely around his twin daughters for a while before deciding he wasn't cut out for the job. In fairness to Pheebs, she did wind up homeless at 14 and contracted hepatitis after a pimp spit in her mouth, so you can probably forgive her for getting her wires crossed when it came to recalling exactly when daddy did a runner.

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