10 Most Controversial Changes Made In Arrowverse Shows

Source material... what's that?

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The Arrowverse is rightfully considered the yardstick when it comes superhero television. A well-oiled machine, it has successfully brought some of the most iconic DC Comics superheroes to life across its multiple TV shows, utilising a familiar but reliable format in order to turn Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Batwoman into huge success stories.

Having adapted countless superheroes and supervillains for our viewing pleasure, it's not surprising that it's the success that it is when it has such a vast array of rich and colourful material inspiring it. And yet, it doesn't always rely on that source material.

As with any major adaptation, the Arrowverse shows have made some tweaks here and there, changing comic book lore in order to adapt it for their live-action versions of the world. Naturally, decisions such as these have spawned outcry from comic purists, who would rather see everything that made these characters and stories so successful reflected on-screen. An understandable desire, no doubt, but it's hard to deny that sometimes changes have to made.

On that note, let's take this opportunity to look back on the Arrowverse's most controversial changes to the lore and, while we're at it, discuss whether they actually worked or not.

10. Everything About Mirror Master And Top

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Mirror Master and Top are two of The Flash's deadliest villains, so throughout much of the TV show's first two seasons, fans often wondered if they'd ever see them introduced. And four episodes into the third season, we finally got our answer.

However, while the pair have worked together in the comics as part of the Rogues, the Arrowverse significantly changed their relationship. Here, Top was gender-swapped as a female version of the character was introduced, and she and Mirror Master were lovers.

While some DC fans were outraged that The Flash would do such a thing (yawn), others took liberty with the way it was all handled. Now, those who followed the latter way of thinking actually have some grounds here, because while Ashley Rickards did a great job in the role, the version of the character (regardless of gender) was totally forgettable. And the same could be said about Mirror Master because, in spite of Grey Damon's strong performance, nothing about the character resembled the comics.

This writer certainly wouldn't mind seeing either actor return to the show, but it would be nice if they just had a bit more to work with next time.


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