10 Most Disappointing TV Shows Of 2017

The shows that didn't live up to the hype.

The Defenders

With big budgets, large action sequences, A-list talent, and dazzling cinematography, TV shows are increasingly comparable to movies. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident, though, than with the levels of hype attached to series long before they actually hit the air.

It's standard practice now for films to be marketed over a year away from release, and we're used to getting excited for things well in advance. TV shows have typically operated differently in that regard, with the calendar being more seasonal, but things have started to change in recent years - and 2017 was a great example of that.

We're now looking ahead to the whole year of TV, rather than just the fall season, with some over a year in the waiting. Stranger Things, for example, become a phenomenon last year, and fans spent 15 months waiting, wondering, and getting very excited. Twin Peaks goes even further, with a 25-year gap between seasons, and both somehow managed to deliver on the huge levels of hype.

Others, however, didn't fare so well. Where there's excitement, there's also a chance of being let-down, and a number of the year's most anticipated releases and hyped-up shows sadly ended up disappointing.

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