10 Most Expensive TV Shows Of All Time

TV show costs have risen in the last 20 years, here are the most expensive to date.


It is no surprise that in the age of streaming, TV budgets are higher than ever before. TV has become a more cinematic medium, with money being put into shows to give them higher production values, as well as being used to have bigger names appear.

Shows like Game of Thrones have pushed the boundaries of what is possible on the small screen and have created episodes that have blown away audiences. Sometimes this can be in a show's favour, with shows like Thrones and Westworld attracting massive success and large followings. Other times these budgets can be a detriment to a show and leave it being too costly against its viewership.

With streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, these budgets grew even more and these days it is commonplace that a big show will cost millions of dollars per episode to make. This isn't an entirely new phenomenon though, as big shows of the late 20th century found themselves spending the big bucks to make successful shows with actors who had become household names because of it.


Nowadays though, it isn't just how much money is being sunk into these shows, it is what the money is being spent on. Bigger sets and more effects are making TV a far bigger and more expensive medium than ever before.


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