10 Most Gratifying Star Trek Deaths

9. Borg Probe

At the beginning of the two-parter “Dark Frontier”, Voyager has once again encountered the Borg, though this time it’s a mere probe. Janeway blusters, the Borg are like “Resistance, assimilate, blah blah…” and weapons fire breaks out.

The scene focuses mainly on the interior of the probe, though, as drones plod about, tapping glowing green panels and wiggling their prosthetics around, so to speak.

Suddenly, a Starfleet photon torpedo materializes onboard. A drone approaches the torpedo. He opens the torpedo’s casing, tilts his head in confusion, then boom – the probe is annihilated. Back on Voyager, Janeway gloats and is eager to salvage components.

It’s worth noting, though, that while the rest of us may have been high-fiving – because screw you, Borg, that’s why – Chakotay is visibly shaken. Despite his violent past as a Maquis freedom fighter, he’s still a very peaceful man and had hoped to avoid needless killing, even of Borg.

But still, yeah – screw you, Borg. Kapow!

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