10 Most Gruesome TV Shows Of All Time

10. Sons Of Anarchy


Most gruesome shows are full of monsters, murders, cannibalism, creatures and nightmarish imagery, but for those who prefer their violence a little more grounded and gritty, FX's Sons of Anarchy reigns supreme. Following the SAMCRO biker gang, led by Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), creator Kurt Sutter continued his unflinching look into racism, corruption and lawlessness he first explored writing for The Sheild.

It's not all that far from reality, either, grounding the violence in reality with a real-life Hell's Angel as a technical advisor.

The word "gruesome" can be broadly defined, from its core roots to gore and violence to blunt, unforgiving cruelty. And though Sons of Anarchy has a fair heaping of the former with brutal torture, rape, shootings and stabbings, the true gruesomeness of the show is borne of vigilantism, vengeance and betrayal.


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