10 Most Hated Family Guy Characters

Shut up, Meg!

Meg - Family Guy

Ten years after The Simpsons took the world by storm with ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’, Seth MacFarlane took inspiration from the Springfield family and brought to life the Griffins of Quahog. Like its predecessor however, the series includes a lot more characters than just those that live at 33 Spooner Street.

Quahog has been built up around the Griffins with friends, family, neighbours, school kids, work colleagues, enemies, celebrities, and so much more. However, the show's own insane popularity isn’t shared across every single one of its characters.

With a show like Family Guy, namely one that relies very heavily on shock value, and jokes of a controversial and satirical nature, there are always going to be moments that rub people the wrong way. This can extend to characters who are often a personification of such ideas.

Then there are characters that were once loved, but have not aged well over the last 20 years, and others that you just have to wonder why they were ever supposed to be liked in the first place. There are plenty of these in Quahog, some within the Griffin family itself…

10. Meg Griffin

Meg - Family Guy

Once a typical teenager who just wanted to be popular at school and to get collagen injections in her lips, Meg has become one of the most infamously hated characters on TV, particularly by her own family.

Her parents and brothers don’t like her, and couldn’t even say how old she is, Peter and Lois initially took home the afterbirth instead of her from the hospital, and her own dad routinely farts in her face and makes fun of her. How could it be possible for anyone else to like her if even her own family don’t?

In the earlier seasons, Family Guy could actually boast some strong episodes based around Meg. 'Don't Make Me Over' in season four is a particular highlight, but since then the show has turned her into the relatively one dimensional character that is the butt of every joke. So much so that it is hard to see her as anything more.

Even when the show did 'Not All Dogs Go To Heaven' in season seven, Peter suggested the audience change the channel. It was obviously meant to be a joke, but he had a point. At this point, who does want to see a Meg episode?

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