10 Most Hated Sons Of Anarchy Characters

Who did you loath the most?

sons of anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy was an ultra-violent grand guignol melodrama, one of the finest on television, rivaling the notorious HBO prison drama Oz for its murderous excess, and exceeding it for sheer gore factor. One thing it didn't do as well, however, was subtle characterisation. Where Oz was an operatic character study, refusing to allow the imprisoned characters to be easily defined as good or evil, Sons Of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter was delighted to give us the opportunity to absolutely, 100% loathe a good proportion of the bad guys that he€™ created. But that'€™s not all. Like any show with a passionate audience, the producers can€™t always control who the viewers are going to decide that they hate.

This leads us to interesting problems when characters with good motivations but questionable actions, or good actions but questionable motivations, somehow attract the fury and ire of a good proportion of the television audience. Are there any characters on Sons Of Anarchy that divide viewers?

Let€™'s find out, as we kick off the countdown of the most hated characters in the show€™s run to date€...

10. Hector Salazar

Hector Salazar

The former president of the Lodi chapter of the Calaveras MC, Salazar is almost a cautionary tale for Jackson Teller in season three: this is how fast and how far a club president can fall when he loses control of a situation. That€™'s a lesson Jax would take to heart in later season. A smaller Hispanic club that often works for the Mayans, the Calaveras are held responsible for horribly screwing up several jobs, in particular the murder of a member of the Grim Bastards, a club friendly to SAMCRO.

Salazar also has Juice jumped and takes his cut, a completely unnecessary humiliation. When Alvarez, the Mayans€™ president, finally has enough, he actually throws Salazar out of his own MC. Salazar then goes into business for himself, deciding to attempt to start a war between the Mayans and SAMCRO by savagely beating Lumpy Feldstein, a sweet old gym owner close to the Sons Of Anarchy MC and blaming it on the Mayans. When that fails, he kidnaps Tara and threatens to kills her unless the Sons kill Alvarez and bring him $250,000 of the Mayans€™ money.

When that genius scheme goes horribly wrong, Salazar disastrously attempts to run a hostage game to improve his luck€ in mayoral candidate Jacob Hale€™s' office, with the whole Charming police force outside. Possessed of the unenviable combination of poor judgment, a nasty temper and weapons-grade incompetence, Salazar is a sweaty hot mess of a man by the time Jax stabs him to death.


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