10 Most Inappropriate Star Trek: Voyager Moments

Those times this pre-watershed show saw the boundaries and left them firmly in the Alpha Quadrant.

Star Trek Voyager Neelix
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Star Trek Voyager knew how to push the boundaries pre-watershed. There are numerous episodes in which it doesn't take too much of an imagination to understand what is going on and that are not exactly kid-friendly. Being a show focusing on a ship full of adults who are alone in the Delta Quadrant and hard up means there's bound to be innuendos, double entendres and blatant sexual tones throughout it's 7 season run.

It's not just those crewmembers in relationships that are responsible for some of Voyager's more adult moments, even the Captain gets in on the action (pun intended). Some of the moments on this list are small moments in episodes that focus on a completely different topic, however some entries on this list focus on entire episodes that appear dedicated to sex. In a family friendly show these episodes stand out and stick in the minds of adult viewers, as the sexuality of the crew is on full display.

All those years in the Delta Quadrant meant the crew had to get out their sexual energy somehow, but some of the sexual tension and blatant sexual conduct left parents changing the channel and praying no questions were asked. Some of these moments are capable of making even adults blush, proving that Voyager really enjoyed pushing the boundaries when it came to sex.

10. The Doctor Made Some Additions To His Program - Message In A Bottle

Star Trek Voyager Neelix

This episode is a perfect example of a fleeting sexual connotation in an episode focused on a completely different topic. In Message in a Bottle, the Doctor is sent to another Starfleet ship in the Alpha Quadrant via seemingly abandoned alien sensor stations. His mission: tell the people on the ship that the Voyager crew is alive. What he finds is Romulans have taken over the ship and he and the EMH on that ship have to save the day. So begins an intense episode in which the two holograms fight to get the ship back into Starfleet's hands.

During one of his first encounters with the other EMH, the Doctor regales him with tales of his adventures in the Delta Quadrant and all the things he can do. Additions to his program are the main topic of discussion and he then proudly reveals that thanks to additions to his program he has been able to have sexual relations. The shocked EMH then asks if he would be able to download those subroutines before the Doctor leaves.

This revelation sent imaginations racing. Did the Doctor not have a certain body part, or did he simply download some moves into his program? It's an intriguing concept that is reminiscent of Data in Next Generation declaring he is fully functional. The randomness of this revelation adds to the shock experienced by viewers after it is disclosed.


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