10 Most Insane Friends Fan Theories

Joey and Phoebe were hooking up in plain sight.

Friends Joey Phoebe

Friends is one of the most popular and enduring TV shows of all time, with a loyal legion of fans who still obsessively stream it on a daily basis and know every single episode inside and out from literally dozens of viewings.

And it follows that any hit TV series with such a passionate fanbase - not to mention so many iconic characters and unforgettable episodes - is sure to generate a goldmine of fan theories both plausible, and, well, not so much.

These ten Friends fan theories are among the most patently absurd, fascinating, and creative you're ever likely to see.

Though some of them are at least superficially credible, few fans can truly entertain them with a serious mind, even if it's certainly fun to imagine the possibilities they present.

Thankfully none of them are actively contradicted by what happens on-screen, so there's nothing to stop you committing them to your own Friends head-canon regardless. Or just laughing at the inspired absurdity of it all, if you like...

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