10 Most Insane TV Show Storylines Ever

Exactly what were the producers on these shows smoking?

Television has always had the ability to wrong foot audiences, far more so than movies. Telling a series of stories over several years has pitfalls unique to the medium: storylines have often been rewritten at the last minute to cover actors who are pregnant, deceased or who simply chose to leave, while changes in vital executive producers, the showrunners, can often mean that season three of a show has a significantly different feel to season two.

And then there are the completely whacked out stories. Not the shocking-but-awesome scenes that come out of nowhere, like The Red Wedding in Game Of Thrones or some of wrestling's best heel turns: the stories that make Twitter explode and give writers like me ammunition for headlines for five days straight.

No, we're talking about the ones that result in dropped jaws and utter silence. The ones that make you worry for the health of the producers of the show. The ones that make you turn to your family, friends, loved ones and pets and ask. What is going on here?

We're talking about the most insane television storylines of all time and, of course, there are spoilers within, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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