10 Most Memorable Animated TV Scientists Of All Time

Being a memorable cartoon scientist doesn't require much except being ridiculous.

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When someone decides to be a scientist in the real world, they have to pick a discipline and then study hard. A lot of work and time goes into conducting research on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to curing cancer. Science is a wide ranging field with implications on almost every aspect of daily life.

Cartoon scientists, on the other hand, seem to have a lot less education and training. Their goals are not usually particularly helpful, either, to anyone or themselves. Normally, cartoon scientists spend their time trying to take over the world or create a giant robot. The line between good and evil in their ilk is shockingly thin, and they're rarely successful in either regard.

But being a memorable cartoon scientist doesn't require success. It's more about being a ridiculous lunatic, if not a full on mad scientist, that makes a lasting impression on everyone around them. It's not always a great impression but it's still an impression nonetheless.

Sometimes all you really need to do is walk into a room and ask your friends to fight whatever atrocity you just released on the world. Science!

10. Sheldon Plankton

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It would be hard not to feel bad for Plankton if it wasn't for the fact that he is consistently the architect of his own destruction. His sole goal in life is to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula from Mr. Krabs. Everything else flows from there.

A brilliant mind hides within Plankton's tiny body but he chooses to spend his time trying to make a better burger for his crappy fast food restaurant.

To make matters worse, his plans are constantly thwarted by a delightful but stupid yellow sponge in square brown pants. Describing Plankton's incessant humiliations at the hands of Mr. Krabs, Patrick and SpongeBob are demoralizing on a level few can understand. The best thing he could do would be to let go of trying to get his "hands" on the Krabby Patty formula but that seems unlikely at this point. He's fully committed.

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