10 Most Messed Up Deaths In Hannibal

These deaths were deliciously tragic.

Hannibal Abigail Hobbs

The hit NBC series Hannibal - based on the acclaimed horror novels written by author Thomas Harris, and the iconic film - is easily one of the greatest horror shows ever made. From gorgeous dinner plates to grizzly murders and fantastic acting, this show has become a a true cult classic.

Sadly the show only had three seasons, being canceled after the series finale which aired five years ago. But even in this limited run, the show has given fans some of the most disgusting scenes of human carnage usually not seen outside of a battlefield.

Every murder in Hannibal is unique for the sheer creativity behind the killings, and yet there are some in the show that are just messed up. Obviously all murder is messed up but this show is able to take the art of murder and place it on a higher delicious level that has never been seen before and most likely never will be seen again.

Whether it's your favourite character being killed off in some disgusting manner or a random murder, these are some of the truly messed up deaths in the show about fancy cannibals and stunning cinematography.

10. Beth LeBeau

Hannibal Abigail Hobbs

A cold open death at the beginning of the episode sees the demise of Beth LeBeau, who was a close friend of a mysterious figure named Georgia Madchen.

Madchen had a disorder that eventually drove her insane, as she could not recognise faces. Beth LeBeau receives her grizzly end when Georgia burst into her home as she was settling in for bed, able to somehow able to sneak past her and hide under Beth's bed.

Beth walked back into her room, following Georgia's wet footprints, and then is grabbed and dragged under her own bed screaming. All we see at that moment is a lot of blood spraying out from under the bed, but when Will goes into Georgia's mind to reenact the crime we are given more of the grizzly details.

It turns out Georgia used a knife to cut Beth's face wide open in a fashion similar to the Glasgow Smile - which causes similar wounds to the scars the Joker from the Dark Knight has. Beth's death is very bloody, but also even more messed up because Georgia inadvertently killed her best friend without realising it because of her condition.

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