10 Most Messed Up Deaths In Star Trek: Voyager

On Voyager, a quick Star Trek death is what you wished for when you'd tasted Neelix's cooking.

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"I've got news for you, crewman. Voyager isn’t exactly a safe haven," Captain Janeway pointed out in Good Shepherd. Truer words were never spoken, and with all the death and destruction above, Mortimer Harren did just as well to stay down on deck 15. He might have been missing out, but at least he wasn't missing any more base pairs, on his 13th chromosome or otherwise!

For the crew of the Intrepid-class, and that after the initial demise of a good deal of the original senior staff, a previously largely unexplored quadrant brought with it previously unknown hazards, as well as a fresh batch of homicidal aliens. At first, if the Kazon were just a pain in the secondary command processors, the Vidiians were far more deadly, though the phage was just a phase for Voyager, soon past the boundaries of the local organ harvest.

The Borg's backyard, the Hirogen's hunting grounds, and the Malon's mess were then but a handful of the extra obstacles the ship had to pass through en route back to the Alpha Quadrant. And let's not forget the mortal danger posed by numerous anomalies, whacky nebulae, and whatever the Q count as! More than one crewmember ended their journey home through one of Voyager's torpedo tubes, and a fair few weren't even granted that final dignity.

In this quadrant, our delta means death.

10. Don't Love What You've Done With The Face — Lieutenant Durst

durst Star Trek voyager faces
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Just a quick note for all the Vidiians out there: if you do want to impress a Klingon, bring blood wine and gagh, not a skin transplant from the guy you've just murdered, for Pete's sake! Even Michael Myers had the decency to wear a Captain Kirk mask, not William Shatner's actual face! Having only appeared (briefly) in one episode (Cathexis) prior to the grim graft, Lieutenant Durst's time on Voyager was both short and stomach-churning.

Gruesomely fun fact about Faces: the actor who played Durst, Brian Markinson, also played his butcher, Sulan, so no one had to be killed for their flesh in real life! Joking aside, that knowledge does add an extra layer of horror to Markinson's portrayal of the Vidiian chief surgeon. Having to pretend that your own face is now a mask that one of your characters has torn off to wear from another one of your characters is probably not something they teach you at drama school. Well, maybe at RADA.

We also know from the very first appearance of the species in Phage, and then later in Deadlock, that the Vidiians don't seem to care if you're dead or even unconscious before they start their organ extraction process. I'll leave you to consider the grisly implications of that little thought for Lieutenant Durst. From Sulan, we then learnt that Durst's other organs wound up in more than a dozen other Vidiians, which is a spin-off series just waiting to be made!

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