10 Most Pitiful TV Plot Twists Ever Created

10. Pretty Much Everything - Lost


Oh, Lost, you had so much potential, what happened?

Lost first appeared on-screen during a time when binging television show was impossible.

Back then, audiences invested a lot more of their lives into TV shows, with the plots and characters becoming a social event as well as a personal event. Every day people would go into work and discuss the latest episodes along with their theories about what happened and who was going to die next.

Lost was one of such shows, baffling audiences all over the world episode by episode, season by season, until it all just got a bit too much.

During the first few seasons, things were going great, and that includes the random Polar Bear that was chilling on a desert island. But then came the flash-forward scene that everybody thought was a flashback, along with the cork that kept the water in, and the random characters that appeared without an explanation, only to disappear with an explanation.

And then to top it all off came the ending! Now that's not a way to treat your fans.

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