10 Most Pointless Vikings Characters

No amount of screen time could redeem these needless Vikings.

Vikings Einar
History Channel

Vikings has finally begun the second half of its final season.

Throughout the entirety of its run, Vikings presented fans with countless memorable characters to fall in love with. While some of them met an untimely end, they nevertheless made lasting impressions that would influence the show.

The fact that the writing team can tell such compelling stories using real historical figures is a testament to their work. However, after six seasons and dozens of named characters, some of them faded into the background and contributed very little to the plot.

From minor side characters to major names in the series, Vikings ended up suffering from having too many cast members to juggle. This often caused certain characters to either be killed off or left on the sidelines. On very rare occasions, these characters presented great potential for side stories, but were ultimately discarded.

On the other hand, some characters had to exist simply because history demanded it, despite not mixing well into the overall story. While the show plays fast and loose with any real names, there are some that even the showrunners couldn't ignore.

With tensions high and characters dropping like flies, it's time to look back at some of the more forgettable and downright pointless characters seen in Vikings.

10. Hvitserk

Vikings Einar
History Channel

Oh Hvitserk, while his journey may not be over just yet, he has still yet to contribute anything substantial to the show.

As one of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons, Hvitserk believed he had some great destiny to live up to. So much so, he eventually became consumed with what his purpose was in almost a meta-commentary on how the show didn't even know what to do with him.

Despite being shown to be an exceptionally skilled fighter, Hvitserk does little else throughout the story. Often, his only scenes comprise of him skipping through a battlefield, talking about his own destiny and swapping sides almost at random.

The only notable deed Hvitserk goes on to do is murder an already dying and weakened Lagertha, which he then takes total credit for.

During the early stages of Season Six, Hvitserk was a crazed lunatic who was kept under the close watch of his brother, Ubbe. Then, after killing Lagertha, he suddenly snapped out of it, despite being a drug-addled mad man.

No matter what fate does await Hvitserk, it better come soon so that he pipes down about it.

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